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Questions About Mudjacking

Liftech Mudjacking wants you to be informed about how you can save the concrete structures around your home or business, even the foundation itself, with mudjacking and grout pumping. Contact us for answers to any more questions you have.

Q. How does mudjacking work?
A. Basically, mudjacking pumps a concrete slurry beneath your uneven concrete slabs until they are level and stable. Liftech Mudjacking will have to drill small holes in your existing concrete, but we patch and smooth the holes so they are invisible when we have finished.

Q. What causes concrete to shift or sink?
A. A void or weak spot in the soil supporting any concrete structure can cause it to eventually shift and crack. Backfill needs proper compacting on new construction to keep concrete foundations from shifting. Natural settlement occurs over time, but excessive weight load, soil erosion and even animal tunnels can create voids that cause concrete to become uneven and unstable.

Q. What are the long-term effects of mudjacking?
A. Liftech Mudjacking has the equipment and effective technique to make sure your lifted concrete stays even and stable for years to come, depending on the substrate you choose. In turn, that support gives you the benefits of:

•  Improved water drainage
•  Fewer wall cracks and uneven floors
•  More curb appeal and safety